Frequently Asked Questions

When will the museum be open to the public?
We will work to open doors as soon as possible after reaching our primary fundraising goals.

What is the expected entry fee?
The museum will always be free to explore during our business hours.

What are the museum’s primary fundraising goals?
Locating and leasing a suitable property and then developing exhibits from our collections.

What are the museum’s secondary fundraising goals?
Purchasing the currently borrowed collections in order to properly preserve and insure the artifacts.

Are board members paid a salary?
The members of the board of directors receive no compensation for services provided to the museum.

Can I purchase museum merchandise?
At this time we do not have any souvenir items, rations, or other merchandise available for sale.

Does the museum accept item donations?
Please contact us and we’ll make sure your item is something that we’re looking for.

Are donations tax deductible?
All donations, be they monetary donations or donations of artifacts, are considered deductible and we would be happy to provide an appropriate donation receipt whenever one is requested along with a donation.