Baking A Museum From Scratch

A volunteer-driven, nonprofit project to create an institution dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of military food production technology.

Our Current Projects

We're sharing the collection with all of you! Whether through pictures, 3D Models and VR, through our streams on YouTube, or through upcoming interactive web projects - we want you to benefit from what we're doing here!

3D Modeling

Working to bring more of the collection to life online in a tactile, familiar format. Rations need to be picked up, turned around, and looked at up close!

Live Bulletins on YouTube

Join us at YouTube.com/RationMuseum every Sunday at 5pm Eastern for an update on the progress we're making. Working with the collection, talking to the community, learning and evolving together!

Creating A Database

We have to find a format that will work for everything we intend to do. Searchable, expandable, and specific! We're testing software and are bringing records in from all our various sources and media types.

Our Mission

Bringing It All Together

The Military Ration Museum was founded in 2015 with the goal of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting examples of military food items and related technology. The development and advancement of technologies for use by the military has changed the food production industry worldwide and still influences the way food is preserved and stored today. We seek to provide a home for the artifacts and information that will help tell the story of military eating for years to come.

Recent Scans

We've been adding to the 3D Ration Library - See what's new!

Sandwich Cookies

(Ration, Small Detachment, 5 Persons)

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Peach Jam

(Ration, Small Detachment, 5 Persons)

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Milk Chocolate

(Produced by Duncans of Scotland)

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Pound Cake

(Vietnam Era MCI, December 1970)

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