Gold Rating From Guidestar

GuideStar and CharityNavigator Listings

As part of our dedication to organization transparency, we’ve published listings with the two primary charity verification services. GuideStar and CharityNavigator obtain our public records from the federal government, and allow us to submit additional details about our organization in order to make it easy for anyone anywhere to make sure that we’ve obtained approval to operate as a nonprofit corporation under IRS code section 501(c)(3).

With GuideStar, an organization of our very limited size is able to provide a complete record of all organizational details. We’ve provided our financial reports for 2015, our organizing documents, or board information, etc and have thus achieved the highest possible rating in their system – Gold.

Gold Rating From Guidestar

CharityNavigator is a somewhat more widely used verification service. We’re unable to obtain a rating with their service, because of the form we file annually for our corporate taxes. While they can obtain a number of variations of form 990 for exempt organizations from the IRS, they cannot obtain form 990-N, which we file for the museum. We are listed, and have provided everything we can to their system for transparency.

Please feel free to take a look at our listings below:

CharityNavigator Listing
GuideStar Listing

Sean Hayes